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  • Make Good and Strip Out

    Many businesses are not aware of the standard lease requirement to hand back their office tenancy in the original condition they received it in. This often requires a strip out and make good of the walls and furniture.

    Highland Constructions can assist in this process with a very quick time frame in removing walls, fixtures, fittings and repairing all building elements to an open plan layout that meets the Building Owners requirements.

    Works include:

    • corporate offices
    • commercial property
    • retail and shops

    Services include:

    • demolition and removal of all partitions, ceilings, fixed joinery, kitchens and floor finishes
    • reinstatement of ceiling and floor finishes to meet lease requirements
    • alterations to all services such as fire sprinklers, detection lighting and air conditioning to suit original pre-lease open plan layout
    • certification of all services upon completetion

    Trades include:

    • plastering- walls and ceilings
    • glazing including glass partitions
    • doors – office, glass, timber, sliding, stacker
    • all services – electrical, data, plumbing, fire and air conditioning
    • workstations and joinery
    • floor finishes
    • painting & decorating
    • relocation of furniture
    • signage
    • professional cleaning